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                        leovegas casino bonus,sport gambling,betwinner app download,CNC Tandem Pressbrake Or Large Pressbrake

                        Jan 07, 2021

                      1. Large Pressbrake can bending long metal profiles with bigger bending tonnage;High Tonnage CNC Press Brake specially designed stress relieved frame, large press brakes have a unique box frame arrangement. The frames are specially and significantly reinforced to carry heavier center loads,  large gaps, strokes, and daylight openings sut for large sheet bending profiles.

                          CNC Tandem Press brake use 2 units same size synchro press brakes, using DELEM DA58T or DA66T Full touch screen controller, 2 pressbrakes can working together for bending 12m, 16m&24m longer sheet profiles, like poles forming, Dump Truck Manufacturing, Military Defense Industry, Ship Building, Bridge Construction, Road Barrier Manufacturing, Steel Service Centers;or 2 machines can work indepently for bending thin&short profiles.

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                            Then you might have to decide between getting large press brakes or getting two smaller cnc press brakes that can be used in tandem bending machine.


                              When you need large pieces of metal bent, will look into getting large, single metal bending machine to handle the workload directly . CNC large bending machine can handle similar length requirements and will still provide your company with capability you might lose with large press brakes.

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                                    CNC Tandem bending machine can:

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                                          • Working together for bending longer sheet or bending short sheet at the same time independently

                                              1. Can be set up with two different sets of press brake tooling to increase efficiently in multi-stage bending

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                                                1. Bend small pieces of metal alone or large pieces together

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                                                    While getting single, large bending machine press brake might seem like a better idea

                                                          • Weigh around 100 tons, which makes them difficult , complicated&expensive to loading, delivery&transport

                                                              1. Require that the floor must be have pit

                                                              2. May be more difficult to assemble large press brakes then 2 smaller one when they arrive

                                                                • Very good for large metal bending profiles, especially bending large sheet profiles with huge bending flanges

                                                                  Are you looking for CNC Tandem press brake or large single CNC Press brake? Email us for getting professional suggestions of your large sheet metal bending profiles.

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